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A typical sweet moment in Vienna

By on 26th January 2017

This dessert is so delicious it has its own national holiday and is absolutely the best culinary experience to fully appreciate your days in Vienna or in the rest of Austria. This country praises a great confectionary tradition, that’s why this cake is not the only typical delight of the place, but the bond between chocolate and apricot will let you totally fall in love with, you probably guessed it already: Sachertorte.

The original recipe is a prerogative of well-known Hotel Sacher, situated in Vienna. It has also branches in the Austrian cities of Graz, Salzburg and Innsbruck and, outside the Austria, in the Italian Bolzano in South Tyrol. Franz Sacher, heir of a rich hoteliers’ family, is the inventor of this sweet and it’s said he was crazy for chocolate. Back then he worked for earl Klemens von Metternich court, who ordered Franz to substitute the sick baker and prepare a cake for a guest. And, so, at the sole age of sixteen in 1832, he created the most famous dessert of Austria. – Continued below ⇓

Sachertorte by Zanoni | Photo: Gemma Delle Cave

The main ingredient of Franz Sacher’s homonymous cake is that brown gold all the world loves: cocoa. We find two chocolate coats joined in the middle by a captivating apricot jam, and sometimes cherry too. The lot is covered by an extremely high quality dark chocolate. Given that Viennese think this dessert is too arid, a whipped cream and hot drink like cappuccino or tea traditionally accompany it. As a matter of fact, you can’t manage to swallow it so easy, especially if you’re hungry and eat it too fast.

A little curiosity: between Demel, Sissi and the Franz Joseph property, and Hotel Sacher there was a legal dispute about the cakes paternity, which was won by the latter thanks to Austrian Supreme Court decision. The ironic thing is that it’s certain that the first sachertorte was sold just in Demel, where Franz Sacher’s son worked and improved the recipe, before opening his hotel, the Hotel Sacher. So, the Hotel founder first worked on this dessert at Demel, but in the end his hotel received the rights to the sachertorte recipe.

Nowadays you can taste a good sachertorte in famous stores or cafés in Vienna, like Aida  Cafè-Konditorei in the central Stephansplatz near majestic Saint Stephan’s Cathedral, or the Italian shop Zanoni or the popular bakery and the still running chocolatier Demel.

Hotel Sacher in Vienna | Photo: Gemma Delle Cave