Maic Oudejans


The Stones and The Who are clients of this Finnish guitar builder

By on 30th May 2016

Kari Nieminen built his first guitar at age 12 and got his first order at 17. Knowing Finland wasn’t big enough he shifted his focus to the international market,…

Art & Design

Paris has a robot art critic

By on 27th May 2016

Everyone’s a critic and apparently you don’t even have to be human to be one anymore. In the Paris’ Quai Branly museum of indigenous art there’s a bow hat-wearing…

Art & Design

Kids drawings decorating trains in Hungary

By on 27th May 2016

What kid didn’t want to be a railway man growing up? Well, actually I didn’t, but I do remember my father taking me on the train as a kid…

Art & Design

Graffiti paradise Utrecht: Demolition has begun

By on 26th April 2016

Earlier we wrote about the houses in Ondiep, Utrecht that were turned into a graffiti paradise. Well the demolition of those houses has finally begun. Because some of the…

Art & Design

Houses on demolition death row turned into graffiti paradise

By on 13th April 2016

I was totally shocked when I walked in my own neighborhood ‘Ondiep’ in the Dutch city of Utrecht. I knew a couple of streets were prepared to be taken…