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How Manchester is becoming the City of Trees

By on 11th February 2017

Planting one tree for every man, woman and child that lives in Manchester’s City Region within one generation. That’s the objective of Manchester’s project City of Trees. So far…

Interviews Music

‘Our world is becoming scarier and gloomier every week’

By on 4th February 2017

The financial crisis in Europe hit Greece like a ton of bricks. But while Greece’s economy is a shambles, its rock scene is thriving. Coincidence? Maybe. Outspoken Greek psychedelic…

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Europe’s highest swing

By on 31st January 2017

Photo: A’DAM Lookout
Do you sometimes think back to the times you were a kid and could, let’s say, hop on a swing and just rock back and forth all…

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‘I fell in love with basketball, because I sucked at it´

By on 21st January 2017

In his first year Dutch professional basketball player Charlon Kloof didn’t even got to wear a jersey, but he was determined to become a professional basketball player anyway. His…

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Paris made fitness a lot more fun with a sailing gym

By on 16th January 2017

Photo: Carlo Ratti Associati
Exercising while seeing a little of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That’s the dream right? Well, you can actually do that with…