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Happy Mafia Victims Memorial Day

By on 21st March 2017

Spring advent is the symbol of change, not only for nature, but especially for people’s minds.  In Italy we also renew our search for truth and social justice on…

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A typical sweet moment in Vienna

By on 26th January 2017

This dessert is so delicious it has its own national holiday and is absolutely the best culinary experience to fully appreciate your days in Vienna or in the rest…

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The origins and curiosities of Czech Trdlo

By on 24th December 2016

Photo: Gemma Delle Cave
Among the many interesting things you can do on a journey to the Czech Republic, it is unavoidable to taste one of the typical Czech sweets:…


Milan: The industrial capital of Italy and much more

By on 22nd November 2016

Since ancient times, Milan city has been an important crossroad in the middle of many populations, that’s why it was called by Latins Mediolanum, which means: just in the…

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Local report: Oktoberfest Italian Style

By on 14th October 2016

Almost every country in the world has ripped of the traditional Italian cuisine for decades now. In every corner of the earth you can find pizza, spaghetti and other…