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The building that ‘sings’ in the rain

By on 16th March 2017

We all feel a little down sometimes when it rains, but Dresden has a building that might cheer you up when it starts pouring. There’s a blue house with a system of drains and pipes attached on its facade, that becomes a ‘musical instrument’ when it rains.

The blue house is part of a bigger array of artsy buildings located in Dresden’s’ Neustadt Kunsthofpassage. This passage consists of five courtyards, each with a different theme, like mythical creatures, animals and the elements.

The blue music house is part of the Court of Elements and is the creative brainchild of German artists Annette Paul, Christoph Roßner and André Tempel who all live in it. The Court of Elements also has a yellow building with gold-colored aluminum panels representing the light. It was built in 1999. – Continued below ⇓

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo: Kunsthof Dresden

Paul was inspired by her home in St Petersburg where she would listen to the ‘rain theatre’ of the pipes outside her home. The Russian drains are much larger in diameter than in Germany and run open in wild winds over the façade to cause a watery waltz of some sort, according to the Kunsthof website.

Check it out in the clip below, but don’t expect to hear an actual orchestrated symphony blazing from the walls though.

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