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Danish artist hides six wooden giants in Copenhagen

By on 11th May 2017

Denmark is the country of Hans Christian Andersen and his fairy tales. It’s too bad Danish wood artist Thomas Dambo wasn’t alive back then to bring Andersen’s creatures alive…

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‘There were only twenty centimeters between the train and me’

By on 13th April 2017

At a point in time Southern French city Montpellier was one of the graffiti capitals of Europe, but then the city tried to bring a halt to it and…

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The building that ‘sings’ in the rain

By on 16th March 2017

We all feel a little down sometimes when it rains, but Dresden has a building that might cheer you up when it starts pouring. There’s a blue house with…

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Paris made fitness a lot more fun with a sailing gym

By on 16th January 2017

Photo: Carlo Ratti Associati
Exercising while seeing a little of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That’s the dream right? Well, you can actually do that with…

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‘I have never started, neither stopped to be an artist’

By on 5th January 2017

He ran away from his home in France at age fourteen, was homeless for five years and has lived in Africa and Sweden before settling down in Berlin in…

Art & Design

The colorful crossovers of Madrid

By on 28th November 2016

Besides Utrecht’s rainbow pedestrian crossover, most of them are very boring and, well, pedestrian. That was until these pictures of colorful crossings made by Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov…

Art & Design

Glow in the dark cycling in Poland

By on 14th November 2016

As a Dutchie I am delighted that more and more European cities implement bicycle tracks and routes in their infrastructure. What makes me even more happy is this recently…

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He’s only fifteen and turns pencil tips into amazing sculptures

By on 7th November 2016

Most kids don’t know what they want to be when they grow up, at age fifteen, but Serbian teenager Filip Stevic (15) does: He wants to be a graphite…

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They see Trump rolling, they hating

By on 5th November 2016

As we are nearing the US elections and the world realizes that Trump for president is a realistic possibility, a lot of people are trembling at the thought. Especially…

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Live ‘off the grid’ for a year with your own Ecocapsule

By on 31st October 2016

A cabin in the woods, a warm mountain shelter, a small beach house or a place to dump your teenage kid. The mobile homes of Slovakian company Ecocapsule can…