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German artist makes monster murals in abandoned buildings

By on 22nd October 2016

Monzter is the name of the project and it features drawings of monsters in abandoned buildings in Berlin. The coolest part however is, that the drawings are part of…

Art & Design

It takes only one thread to recreate renaissance art

By on 17th October 2016

It seems that new ways to make art, are the way to go if you want to get noticed on the internet. This time we found Greek artist Petros…

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‘Art is a way for me to escape reality’

By on 13th October 2016

Bosnian artist Jasenko Đorđević’s love for making miniature art dates back to his childhood, when he made tiny books that were only five millimetres high. Nowadays he makes…

Art & Design

Portuguese artist turns garbage into animals

By on 10th October 2016

‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, is a famous quote, but it hasn’t been more applicable than it is to Portuguese artist Bordalo II. He’s a scavenger for…

Art & Design Interviews

‘We want to bring color to the city and fuck up the government’

By on 6th October 2016

People doing graffiti aren’t always the most open about what they do and understandably so. We did manage to get hold of graffiti crew SWR from Düsseldorf Germany and…

Art & Design

‘Design activist’ Isaac Monté makes lamps out of bacon

By on 3rd October 2016

A bird house made from cigarette butts, roadkill masks and an exposition of artificially made  pig hearts. Nothing is too crazy for Rotterdam-based Belgian designer Isaac Monté, who calls…

Art & Design

The mystery of Brussels’ giant penis

By on 24th September 2016


This has nothing to do with Manneke Pis. I mean, the statue itself is tiny, let alone..well, you know. No, in the little town Sint-Gillis, near Brussels, people were…

Art & Design

This artist fights tooth and nail to make his art

By on 19th September 2016

All photos with courtesy of Marcus Levine
It takes British artist Marcus Levine weeks and sometimes even months to finish one piece of art and he sometimes uses up…

Art & Design

Be a tree in your next life

By on 17th September 2016

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Almost everyone has at some point in their lives thought about what he or she wants to be in in their next life. Well, if…

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Groovy Shop Gallery in Girona can do just about anything with your t-shirt

By on 15th September 2016

Joan Massaguer is the owner and head designer of Groovy Shop Gallery in Girona. His passion for art and love for music came together when he began to design…