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The sick kitchen salt drawings from Norway

By on 10th September 2016

Photos: Dino Tomic
Most people use salt in the kitchen, but not Norwegian-based artist Dino Tomic. He makes drawings with regular kitchen salt, that show their true colors when…

Art & Design

This French artist is making graffiti readable

By on 5th September 2016

Don’t you just wish you could read every graffiti tag on street? Well, probably not, but French artist Mathieu Tremblin is making tags on the street readible for people…

Art & Design

Berlins ‘Pirate printers’ use street objects to print shirts

By on 3rd September 2016

Manhole covers, grids, vents and other public utilities. Berlin based art-collective Raubdruckerin (Pirate Printers in English) uses everything it can find in the urban landscape to print unique…

Art & Design Interviews

Meet fantastic fruit sculptor Valeriano Fatica

By on 25th August 2016

He’s made Game of Thrones’ Night King out of a watermelon, turned a pumpkin into The Joker and he carved Darth Vader out of a carrot. Nothing is…

Art & Design Lifestyle

Meet the terminator tattoo-artist

By on 13th August 2016

Against all odds Lyon-based tattoo-artist  JC Sheitan Tenet is now able to use his amputated lower right arm to make tattoos. Thanks to colleague tattoo-artist Gonzal he received a…

Art & Design

Historic Spanish church turned into skate park

By on 25th July 2016

‘Must separate the church and skate!’ is what NOFX wrote for their infamous song The Separation between Church and Skate. In the Spanish city of llanera, in the Asturia…

Art & Design

Danish artist makes 3500 birdhouses to keep birds in cities

By on 23rd July 2016

What to do as a former Graffiti artist, who wants to use his talents for the greater good of the planet? Danish artist Thomas Dambo came up with an…

Art & Design Lifestyle

Lisbon has graffiti grandparents

By on 16th July 2016

If you told you ‘re grandmother you’re a graffiti artist, she’d probably write you of as a vandal and might even scrap you out of her will. Not these…

Art & Design Interviews

‘Freedom is that nobody can interfere in your life’

By on 14th July 2016

Ukrainian-based Alex Maksiov is one of the pioneering 3d-artists in Ukraine right now and his work is featured all over the world. Whether it’s a mural drawing of a…

Art & Design


By on 9th July 2016

The use of 3d-printers has taken flight in the past couple years, but probably no one had the ludicrous idea to print a life-size car, till now. London based…