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Europe’s highest swing

By on 31st January 2017

Photo: A’DAM Lookout
Do you sometimes think back to the times you were a kid and could, let’s say, hop on a swing and just rock back and forth all…

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Germany hosted its first mermaid swimming competition

By on 15th October 2016

People often say that the Germans don’t have a sense of humor. Southpark even managed to build a whole episode around that stereotype. But it’s not true and they…

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Local report: Oktoberfest Italian Style

By on 14th October 2016

Almost every country in the world has ripped of the traditional Italian cuisine for decades now. In every corner of the earth you can find pizza, spaghetti and other…

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Next level recycling turns washing machines into street lights

By on 20th August 2016

Washing machines aren’t the most elegant products in the world at first glance, but Portuguese cultural association Teatro Metaphora made something stunning from broken washing machines. They turned 133…