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Gastronomy Lifestyle

Danish chef creates ‘Airbnb of dining’

By on 1st April 2017

What better way to taste the local cuisine than though a home cooked meal by an actual local, right? Exactly. That’s what Danish chef and entrepreneur Frank Lantz thought…

Gastronomy Travel

A typical sweet moment in Vienna

By on 26th January 2017

This dessert is so delicious it has its own national holiday and is absolutely the best culinary experience to fully appreciate your days in Vienna or in the rest…

Gastronomy Travel

The origins and curiosities of Czech Trdlo

By on 24th December 2016

Photo: Gemma Delle Cave
Among the many interesting things you can do on a journey to the Czech Republic, it is unavoidable to taste one of the typical Czech sweets:…


Amsterdam to open its first avocado restaurant

By on 17th December 2016

Everybody and their grandmother knows that the avocado is super healthy thanks to scientific research and all the super foodies advocating the avocado on social media in recent years….


Danish supermarket sells expired food to combat waste

By on 14th December 2016

Denmark lowered its food waste by a staggering 25% in the last five years and now has another weapon in its fight against our out of control over-indulgence. Copenhagen-based…

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Local report: Oktoberfest Italian Style

By on 14th October 2016

Almost every country in the world has ripped of the traditional Italian cuisine for decades now. In every corner of the earth you can find pizza, spaghetti and other…

Gastronomy Interviews

Meet the man who shook the world of ‘pizza’ with his discovery

By on 1st September 2016

Pizza in Naples is almost as holy as the pope in the Vatican. So when Italian food historian Giuseppe Nocca found out that the first reference of the world…


German supermarket takes fresh food to the next level

By on 6th August 2016

The demand for fresh, ecologically grown food is rising and METRO Cash & Carry supermarket in Germany took fresh to a whole another level. At their store you can…


A cappuccino and a blowjob please

By on 18th July 2016

Ordering a cup of coffee with a ‘happy ending’ might soon be possible in the Swiss city of Geneva. Bradley Charvet of Geneva-based escort and erotic massage company Facegirl…