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How a shy French boy became an international Flamenco artist

By on 22nd April 2017

‘No entiendo Ingles’ was the response from the Spanish Flamenco artists we asked for this interview. There was one guy however who responded positively: Manolo Punto. Though his name…

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‘There were only twenty centimeters between the train and me’

By on 13th April 2017

At a point in time Southern French city Montpellier was one of the graffiti capitals of Europe, but then the city tried to bring a halt to it and…

Interviews Lifestyle

‘On the first day alone we collected 100 kilos of wasted food’

By on 6th April 2017

Every week Romanian psychology student Ioana Man and her team roam the local market to pick up the produce the market vendors can’t sell to their customers and re-distribute…

Interviews Lifestyle

‘I even saw a girl giving a blowjob inside the club once’

By on 28th March 2017

A historic city center, the oldest still working astronomical clock in the world, cheap booze and countless bars and clubs; Prague has it all. And while a trip to…

Interviews Music

‘Our world is becoming scarier and gloomier every week’

By on 4th February 2017

The financial crisis in Europe hit Greece like a ton of bricks. But while Greece’s economy is a shambles, its rock scene is thriving. Coincidence? Maybe. Outspoken Greek psychedelic…

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‘I fell in love with basketball, because I sucked at it´

By on 21st January 2017

In his first year Dutch professional basketball player Charlon Kloof didn’t even got to wear a jersey, but he was determined to become a professional basketball player anyway. His…

Art & Design Interviews

‘I have never started, neither stopped to be an artist’

By on 5th January 2017

He ran away from his home in France at age fourteen, was homeless for five years and has lived in Africa and Sweden before settling down in Berlin in…

Interviews Music

‘Croatia has not changed for the better’

By on 8th December 2016

If you think that starting a surf rock band in a country that was just torn apart by one of the biggest civil wars in recent history is a…

Interviews Lifestyle

‘Skateboarding is about fun, perseverance, freedom and friendship’

By on 26th November 2016

While growing up in the Paris of the 80’s, Alexis Papadopoulos lived through to the rise of many new subcultures in the French capital. One of them was skateboarding,…


‘In Estonia you can walk for hours without seeing anyone’

By on 17th November 2016

How does a Dutchman end up in Tallinn in Estonia? Well, Dutchie Martijn Hensen met his fiancée through an exchange project he was working for. After falling madly in…