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Art & Design Interviews

Meet fantastic fruit sculptor Valeriano Fatica

By on 25th August 2016

He’s made Game of Thrones’ Night King out of a watermelon, turned a pumpkin into The Joker and he carved Darth Vader out of a carrot. Nothing is…

Interviews Music

Forget ‘School of Rock’, there’s a real heavy metal class

By on 18th August 2016

Finland is famous for its heavy metal scene, so it’s no surprise that it’s the first country with a college course on the infamous music genre. The three-week summer…

Interviews Lifestyle

‘It’s always crazy when girls start doing tequila body shots’

By on 11th August 2016

You can’t go to a big European city without being approached on the street to go on a pub crawl anymore. And these pub crawl guides always seem way…


The beauty of abandonment in Bulgaria

By on 28th July 2016

Most people would stay far away from abandoned, eerie looking places in Eastern Europe, but not photographer Hristo Uzunov. For his project Abandoned Bulgaria, he’s visited over fifty…

Interviews Lifestyle

“Doing parkour is a school of life”

By on 21st July 2016

Thomas Mougne sees the streets of Paris in a different way than the ordinary pedestrian. Whenever his eyes cross a gap to leap over, a ledge to jump of…

Art & Design Interviews

‘Freedom is that nobody can interfere in your life’

By on 14th July 2016

Ukrainian-based Alex Maksiov is one of the pioneering 3d-artists in Ukraine right now and his work is featured all over the world. Whether it’s a mural drawing of a…