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The Latvian drink with ‘healing powers’

By on 27th October 2016

This drink has been said to cure Empress Catherine the Great of Russia, inspire politicians like French president Charles De Gaulle and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and music legends…

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Wild Poland is your guide to Europe’s last primeval forest

By on 20th October 2016

The Białowieża forest on the border between Poland and Belarus is Europe’s last remaining primeval forest. It houses European bison, moose, wolves and lynx, among other mammal species and…

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Groovy Shop Gallery in Girona can do just about anything with your t-shirt

By on 15th September 2016

Joan Massaguer is the owner and head designer of Groovy Shop Gallery in Girona. His passion for art and love for music came together when he began to design…


Cure your hangover in The Netherlands’ first hangover-bar

By on 12th September 2016

Good news for everyone who’s planning on going to Amsterdam in the end of September. The Dutch capital is opening its first hang-over bar, where you can sleep out…


Become the owner of a WWII tank

By on 29th August 2016

Ever dreamed about having a tank and running over your neighbors’ car, because it’s in your driveway? Well, the last part is still illegal, but buying a tank just…

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Meet the terminator tattoo-artist

By on 13th August 2016

Against all odds Lyon-based tattoo-artist  JC Sheitan Tenet is now able to use his amputated lower right arm to make tattoos. Thanks to colleague tattoo-artist Gonzal he received a…

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‘It’s always crazy when girls start doing tequila body shots’

By on 11th August 2016

You can’t go to a big European city without being approached on the street to go on a pub crawl anymore. And these pub crawl guides always seem way…

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“Doing parkour is a school of life”

By on 21st July 2016

Thomas Mougne sees the streets of Paris in a different way than the ordinary pedestrian. Whenever his eyes cross a gap to leap over, a ledge to jump of…

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Lisbon has graffiti grandparents

By on 16th July 2016

If you told you ‘re grandmother you’re a graffiti artist, she’d probably write you of as a vandal and might even scrap you out of her will. Not these…


Balance your boozing with BeerYoga

By on 11th July 2016

A lot of people tend to fall over when they’re absolutely smashed, but maybe this can help you from…