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‘Our world is becoming scarier and gloomier every week’

By on 4th February 2017

The financial crisis in Europe hit Greece like a ton of bricks. But while Greece’s economy is a shambles, its rock scene is thriving. Coincidence? Maybe. Outspoken Greek psychedelic…

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‘Croatia has not changed for the better’

By on 8th December 2016

If you think that starting a surf rock band in a country that was just torn apart by one of the biggest civil wars in recent history is a…

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‘I’ve never figured out what style of music I wanted to create’

By on 10th November 2016

His latest album went gold, he won ‘Hip-hop band of the year’ at the music awards of his country and he has released music on world renowned dance label…


A summer of dj’ing in Blanes turned my life upside down

By on 29th September 2016

Every summer it is the same ritual. Lots of places in Spain, Portugal and Greece turns into a party pandemonium. Blanes, not far from Barcelona, is a good example….

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These Romanian rockers are coming for you

By on 8th September 2016

Romania is not known for spawning many great rock bands, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Byron has been rocking Romania for the last decade with their progressive…

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Forget ‘School of Rock’, there’s a real heavy metal class

By on 18th August 2016

Finland is famous for its heavy metal scene, so it’s no surprise that it’s the first country with a college course on the infamous music genre. The three-week summer…


The Stones and The Who are clients of this Finnish guitar builder

By on 30th May 2016

Kari Nieminen built his first guitar at age 12 and got his first order at 17. Knowing Finland wasn’t big enough he shifted his focus to the international market,…