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The colorful crossovers of Madrid

By on 28th November 2016

Besides Utrecht’s rainbow pedestrian crossover, most of them are very boring and, well, pedestrian. That was until these pictures of colorful crossings made by Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov popped up. He made them in the Spanish capital Madrid and they are awesome, but still recognizable and functional because he didn’t color over the white stripes.

Guelov’s tarmac transforming artwork is part of his project Funnycross. By using bright colors and geometric patterns he catches the attention of passer-by’s and other traffic. “Funnycross uses zebra crossovers to intervene in the urban landscape,” writes the artist. “The metaphor ‘A bridge between two shores’ is the starting point of this artistic intervention.”

But besides making the zebra crossing look nice there’s also a purpose for it. He hopes that his work also improves the awareness of both drivers and pedestrians and will increase safety in traffic.

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