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Danish artist hides six wooden giants in Copenhagen

By on 11th May 2017

Denmark is the country of Hans Christian Andersen and his fairy tales. It’s too bad Danish wood artist Thomas Dambo wasn’t alive back then to bring Andersen’s creatures alive with his art. Fortunately Dambo has now made his own mythical beings: Six ‘forgotten’ giants made by recycled wood that he hid in the woods around Copenhagen.

We’ve already written about Thomas Dambo before, but his giants project was to cool to ignore. As always he used recycled wood to build his creations. This time he mainly used 600 wooden pallets, but he also took wood from an old wooden shed, a fence and whatever else I was able to scavenge. He hid Tilde and his enormous friends in the woods around his hometown Copenhagen, where they can be found by passerby’s strolling through the woods.

He chose some of his favorite locations to place the wooden creatures, all places ‘of the beaten track’ where most people never go. The sculptures can be found by using the special treasure map on Thomas’ website or a poem engraved into a stone next to each giant. The poem describes how to reach the next one and this way you can find them all, one by one.

The wooden structures are all named after one of the volunteers who helped Dambo make these magnificent sculptures. With this project he hopes to inspire people to see the big potential in recycling and taking better care of our planet.

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Hilltop Trine

Little Tilde

Under the Bridge Oscar

One of the poems

Sleeping Louis

Teddy Friendly

Thomas on the Mountain