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Danish chef creates ‘Airbnb of dining’

By on 1st April 2017

What better way to taste the local cuisine than though a home cooked meal by an actual local, right? Exactly. That’s what Danish chef and entrepreneur Frank Lantz thought too, because he launched a new app called TastePlease. This app offers a new way to meet people in different countries while indulging your own foodie cravings as a guest at a dinner hosted by a local.

The app is pretty simple. You create your own dining profile and choose to be a guest or a host. As a host you can make your own event, choose a time, location and a price, et voila, now you just wait for someone to respond and join you for dinner. Another great thing about the platform is that it operates in 14 different languages, so it can be used all around the world: “It’s basically is a worldwide dining club where everybody is invited and will revolutionize the way we dine”, Lantz states on the TastePlease website.

Bon appetit! | Photo: TastePlease

It sounds like a win-win. You meet new people while sharing your passion for food, and that’s exactly what TastePlease aims to do: “I created TastePlease to peel away some of the constraints and limitations associated with a traditional restaurant. I wanted to get back to the pure experience of cooking and sharing great food, something I think we can all relate to. It is all about using modern technology to socialize the old fashioned way”, Lantz says.

Lantz was inspired by a mix of travel and other share economy apps, like Airbnb: “People like to meet new people when they are travelling, when you go to a restaurant you know nobody”, Lantz told The Local Denmark.

The man behind the app is a former Michelin-star restaurant owner and award winning chef. He has been working passionately with food and cookery since 1994 and is now dedicated to innovation and experiences.

More info: Website

This is what the app looks like | Photo: TastePlease