The destroyed beauty of Palmyra rebuilt in 3D

By on 26th September 2016

ISIS not only made headlines decapitating journalists in recent years, but the destroying of monuments also was big news. Thanks to three local organizations and the help of UNESCO, three by ISIS destroyed monuments  are rebuilt and can now be seen in the Roman Colosseum.

The scultpures and ruins destroyed in Palmyra, Nimrud and Ebla are some of the oldest in human history and are irreplacable as pillars of our past. So that’s why Italy, that houses an enormous ammount of historical sites theirselves, took it upon them to restore them. The monuments now rebuilt in 3D are the bull with human head in Nimrud; the Ebla archive with cuneiform texts, dating back to 2300 BC; and last but not least: the ceiling of Palmyra Temple of Bel and will be placed in another important historical site: The Roman Colosseum.

The city of Palmyra is an important touristic zone in the Syrian desert, near an oasis where many people live not only on tourism but also from agriculture. The area was especially used in antiquity a as passageway connecting the West with the East, and this made it a crossroads of a lot of cultures, from Romans to Greek, from Persians to Arabs.

Therefore, the destruction of some pieces of this treasure represent an incalculable loss for the world of culture and for humanity as a whole, since we always need evidence of the past to better understand the present and the future too.

This exposition is one of a kind and will be set in the most visited Italian monument thanks to high-tech robots with 3D laser scanner, that printed Palmyra’s finds life-sized in a way that will honor the original ones.

The ex-major of Rome, Francesco Rutelli, said in an interview that the culture must survive the violence and terrorism, and we don’t have to submit to the idea that these ruins are gone forever.

That’s why Italy, for the last two years, engaged in this project: first of all, because it is a place closely attached to its culture and traditions, but in particularl it’ll be an incitement for international community to do the same, and protect with the science the big heritage the past left us.