A summer of dj’ing in Blanes turned my life upside down

By on 29th September 2016

Every summer it is the same ritual. Lots of places in Spain, Portugal and Greece turns into a party pandemonium. Blanes, not far from Barcelona, is a good example. With great clubs like Arena, Sala Vega and Essencia it is a good hangout for young people who like to party. Especially the Dutch are good represented in Blanes. And not only the party people, also the Dutch dj’s. Savoy Diks (24) aka dj Seaux went to Blanes for the first time as a dj and like he said himself: His life turned upside down and it was a good boost for his career. But how did he end up in the Costa Brava?

“A friend of mine played in Blanes last year and he shared a Facebook-page about working in Blanes”, Seaux began. “He told me to go there because it is a great experience and a good way to develop yourself. To work at a place like Blanes was something I wanted for a longer time, so I responded that same day in the Facebook-post and a week later I was invited for a work interview. Two days after that they told me that I could come work for them and that’s how I ended up in Blanes this summer.”

Like a lot of other Dutch youngsters, Seaux was in Blanes a few years ago as a tourist. But now he was there to work and it was great time for him. “I enjoyed it enormously. First of all because of the nice weather, but mostly the fact that it is party time every night and I worked with great people”,  tells Seaux. “Seven years ago I was here on vacation with friends and at that moment I thought already: I have to play in the dj-booth here one time. So it was nice to see it the other side this time.” – Story continues below ⇓


For a lot of dj’s it is important to improve their name as a brand. To play in full clubs in the summer is a good way to get there. “Before I went to Blanes, I made a lot of stickers and caps, to promote myself there. It helped a lot. Everywhere I could I placed the stickers. There was a moment that the guards of the club helped me to place the stickers on the visitors. And on my social media I noticed that the followers are growing, that’s nice to see. The caps are doing good as well and I have to make new ones already.”

There was a moment that the guards of the club helped me to place my promotional stickers on the visitors

For Seaux it was the first time that he played outside the Netherlands and it took a little time to get used to it. “Your life gets turned upside down a bit. When it became dark my day began and when it became light I get to bed. It was a matter of adapting. Luckily I am a night person. Mostly my day began in the afternoon, when I went to the beach or the pool. The work night began at 23:00 and ended at 06:00 with often an after party till 08:00.I love the nightlife in the Netherlands, but in Spain it is even better and to be part of it as dj is fantastic. But I have to say that there was a sudden moment I needed a vodka Redbull to start the evening”, so said Seaux, who saw a lot of crazy thing when working in the clubs. – Story continues below ⇓


“I noticed that as a dj there are more possibilities than for people who just enjoy their vacation. I can get honest about that”, says Seaux with a laugh. “What people want to do for a sticker or a cap and where you can place them is for yourself to fill in. It’s funny to see. Furthermore you can plan your things all by yourself. For example: I began the day with a beach party, after that I went to the biggest party in the Costa Brava in club Millenium, then as always I closed the night playing in club Arena and final score I ended up with an inflatable crocodile in my apartment.”

When Seaux is asked about working at a place like Blanes next year, he is full excitement. “Absolutely! I am already looking for a destination for next year and thanks to Blanes I have my contacts. If I go to Blanes again I don’t know. I’d rather go to Mallorca, Albufeira or Lloret de Mar, but we will see where I end up in 2017.”

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