Serbian photographer captures famous buildings in water drops

By on 27th August 2016

It took him fifteen years, but Dusan Stojancevic has finally revealed his pictures of city landmarks reflected in water drops. The result is totally worth the wait though.

Fifteen years ago he made his first droplet picture from his window. But the Serbian waited until he had enough pictures to reveal them and kept his technique hidden for 15 years in the meanwhile. He wanted to show it to the world first. Now we can all enjoy the Empire State Building, Istanbul’s Blue Mosque and The Sagrada Familia reflected in rain drops.

“Some of the photos are on film, but most of them are digital. It is a macro photography technique, not Photoshop, that is why it has flaws in sharpness and a lot of blurs”, he explains on Bored Panda.

“But that is something that gives some kind of artistic touch to it. I need to say that I was a bit lazy to do it earlier, but I tend to do this kind of photos when I go to some new place in the World. So I will try to update it on my next journeys”, he adds.

In his hometown and Serbian capital Belgrado, Stojancevic is a Photographer/Cinematographer specialized in motion-control Time-lapse and Hyper-lapse. He uses these techniques to produce short videos with a unique look and high quality. His work has even been shown on National Geographic.

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Serbian-photographer-saint-sava-church-belgrPhoto: Saint Sava Church Belgrado |Dusan StojancevicSerbian-photographer-sagradaPhoto: Sagrada Familia Barcelona |Dusan StojancevicSerbian-photographer-guggenheim-nyPhoto: Guggenheim New York |Dusan StojancevicSerbian-photographer--empire-statePhoto: Empire State Building New York |Dusan StojancevicSerbian-photographer-brooklyn-bridgePhoto: Brooklyn Bridge New York |Dusan StojancevicSerbian-photographer-Ada-bridge-BelgradoPhoto: Ada Bridge Belgrado |Dusan Stojancevic