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Funny one-star reviews of famous European landmarks

By on 8th October 2016

Our beautiful little continent houses some of the most amazing landmarks in the world, but not everyone can appreciate the majesty of the Roman Colosseum or the mindblowing architecture of Antonio Gaudi. Some people you just can’t please. That’s why we compiled a list of funny reviews of famous European monuments and buildings visitors left on Tripadvisor.


   The Colosseum – Rome


“You had to wait in line even with Roma Pass. They don’t allow you to bring your water, not even empty bottle, you had to throw them all away. There was only one bathroom at the entrance, the line is extremely long because most people had to drink all the water that they brought with them prior to entering. That’s the only place that I went in Rome with such restriction. It doesn’t matter how great the Colosseum look, the overall experience was just bad. For me, it was the worst site I had been to in Italy.”

“It appears that since my last visit to Rome, the mobs have taken over. Everywhere we went we were hounded by people trying to take money off us. The forum is now behind security fences and razor wire. The Colosseum similarly restricted. Very disappointed.”

“A sad tourist trap of hordes of buses, massive groups and tons of Africans selling miniature Colosseum figurines. The Romans are rolling in their graves. It’s a cesspool.”

          Sagrada Familia – Barcelona


“It’s just a big church that looks like melted cheese. It’s not even finished yet, don’t waste your money or time. Stupid building, surounded by idiot tourists and I was one of them.”

“It’s worth visiting for the “freak” value. It’s ugly and ostnacious. Don’t wait in the crowd to go inside. ”

“Way overrated to be honest. It’s as if a construction company had some spare materials left over from a Gaudy Las Vegas casino and stuck them all together as a bad Lego model. I’m all for a nice Cathedral but it’s hard to like this and why are all the statues so miserable? Not worth the entrance fee.”


Checkpoint Charlie – Berlin


“As advised by our guide, the current Checkpoint Charlie booth is a sham. Its a replica booth with local male strippers posing as military personnel, asking you to pay money to have your photo taken with them. The checkpoint was actually at the middle of the busy intersection that it is next to. Laughable when you think about it!”

“What a mess. Tacky. Dire. Congested. Yuck. We didn’t stay long. Everything is a mock-up, it’s a photo spot, with actors playing American military personnel. Hated it.”


         Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock – Prague


“We eventually were there to see the hourly “performance” – what a joke. Many of the doors didn’t open and the bird don’t sing. Pathetic, needs repair!

“Sure, it’s an old clock with figurines or whatever. But nothing really happens. Tour guides seem to think this is the number one thing to show their ducklings in the amazing city of Prague. The truth is that it’s grossly overrated and I can’t believe why anyone would want to see it in the first place. Don’t fall into this trap.”

“What a joke. Yes it’s historical, yes it’s old, yes, many tourists come here, and yes — they all say after “what??? Is that all???”. Yes, that’s all. 2 seconds of a pathetic puppet show. If you’re not quick enough even your camera’s not going to capture the event. It’s one of the most ridiculous things and places I have ever seen and been to in my life. I’d say skip it, but you won’t be able to, as thousands gather in this old town spot to see the “wonder” for their own eyes.”

Eiffeltower – Paris


“Like most things in the world that you’ve seen on television, when you get there and look at it, it’s really not that big of a deal or awe inspiring. Tourists everywhere not worth the wait. Had a better view of Paris from our hotel room lol.”

“I don’t want to be rude, but visiting Eiffel Tower was like going to a third world country. All you see is petty thieves and illegal street vendors working I would say the ratio is 1 thief/vendor for every 3 tourists, it was bizarre.”

“This used to be a nice place but I was just there and it was absolutely horrible. The park in front of the tower seemed like a homeless shelter with weird tents setup and the grass that used to be there was mud and beer bottle caps embedded in the ground all over the place. It seemed to me as if Paris just gave up on this treasure.”

All photo’s by Forum of Europe.