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Funny one-star reviews of famous landmarks: Rome

By on 18th February 2017

Rome is basically a big open air museum. Everywhere you look there’s history to be seen, but unfortunately not everyone can appreciate it. Just like in our previous editions about Europe (the colosseum is in there) and Paris, we’ve collected some funny one-star tripadvisor reviews again, but this time of famous landmarks and sites in the Italian capital.


The Trevi Fountain

Photo: Maic Oudejans

Nothing exciting

“There is nothing exciting about the Trevi fountain. There are hordes of tourists taking photos of it that obstruct your view. By the time you have got to a place where you can see it you realise it’s just a large water feature, paid for with money historically stolen by organised religion. There’s a water feature on a roundabout in…”

It’s a zoo

“Watch La Dolce Vita instead. It is impossible to enjoy with the mobs of tourists .I could not get away fast enough, mobs of tourists and kids on field trips, a zoo.”


Roman Forum


Photo:Maic Oudejans

Just a hike

“Very uneven ground and not much to see. It all looks the same and there is very little information if you don’t do a guided tour.”

Ice cream scam

“When you buy an ice cream cone from the cart out the front of the forum ASK the price first! We paid 5 euro for a “big” ice cream. What a joke! When I questioned the description of “big” they replied that was big. One scoop of ordinary ice cream is a joke, except the joke was on us. We didn’t even want a “big” ice cream.”


Piazza Navona


Photo:Maic Oudejans

A Gazillion tourists staring

“I have no idea what the hype is all about. There is a fountain and a plaza and a gazillion tourists staring at each other. For the pleasure of being in this space, if you sit at one of the cafes you can expect 10 euro espressos just to gawk at other tourists. I can’t see any reason to just walk through here and keep moving. Trastevere and Campo di Fiori are more interesting for people watching and much more affordable.”


“From the description I had expected a grand piazza with genuine atmosphere. What I found was a marketplace for painters surrounded by anonymous buildings plus a bombastic monument. Go to Sienna to see the marketsquare, if you want to get excited!”


Sistine chapel


Technically not Rome, but what the hell


Not what I expected

“Quite disappointed with the Sistine chapel as I didn’t expect it to be just a room with a painted ceiling. We were able to take photos all around the Vatican museums but were stopped and told to put our phones away in the chapel… Why?”

By the time you get to it you have lost the will to live

“As impressive as the frescoes are, by the time get to it you wonder why you bothered. Seriously read a guidebook, you will appreciate it far more. When you get there you are either stuck in a crowd that doesn’t move or one that is so fed up of being herded through the rest of the Vatican Museums that they rush through, it is easy to lose people there. I almost missed the Creation of Adam because of it.”


Spanish steps


Photo: Maic Oudejans

What’s going on?

“Surprised this made it onto trip advisor. It’s some outdoor steps… The fountain at the bottom is worth more of your time.”

Most uninteresting tourist attraction!

“I am not sure why the Spanish steps are such a tourist attraction! I have been to them twice now and both times have found some steps crowded with people sitting on them!”

I have steps in my garden

“We have walked for so long to reach piazza di Spagna to see many of the steps in Rome because this are famous. I have steps in my garden. Maybe they are not famous but that is why they are not overcrowded with stupid tourist thinking they are seeing something worth mentioning.”