Funny one-star reviews of famous landmarks: Paris

By on 22nd December 2016

Paris is home to many famous landmarks and museums. One can only understand the magic of the Eiffel tower, the Louvre and the Sacre Coeur if one’s ever been there. But while for most people it’s a privilege and a pleasure to visit these majestic creations, some people can experience them as horrible. Because we have been to Paris not too long ago and because Paris has many more marvels than the Eiffel tower we present to you: The funniest negative comments on Tripadvisor about famous tourist attractions in Paris.



”This was #1 on my list of things to see in Paris after having to miss it last time. I remember studying it in art history in college and really wanted to see it. I paid my ten euros, got inside and found out that there are 33 steep, spiraling, uneven steps up to get to the chapel. My knees could never make it so I left. I was terribly disappointed and ten euros poorer.”

“The holy chapel at Sainte Chapelle: save your time and euros. It is dilapidated and out of the way. Dedicated history buffs, knock yourself out. Even the people selling souvenirs inside were either falling asleep or making more money selling post cards of the Eiffel Tower. It’s a very tight squeeze and turn to go upstairs to see stained glass. Although it is my passion, I was in and out in 5 minutes. I didn’t even take pictures, there is one on my ticket.”

“I was looking forward to seeing a grand abbey…what a disappointment. It was €8.50 to walk into a chapel that was 10 metres long with some stain glass. You then go upstairs to see another room with LOTS of stain glass. Sometimes a lot of 1 thing is never enough. In this chapel it is the opposite, there is so much stained glass it just looks…yuk. That was all there was to see! Very disappointed, Considering we had earlier visited St Sulpice, that was free to visit and really good.”


Arc de Triomph

“If you wanted to get close to it you have to play some sort of suicidal Frogger to get across 8 Lanes of hundred kilometer an hour traffic circle Mayhem. Best you can do is stand on the corner of the sidewalk take a picture and smell exhaust fumes from 10,000 Frenchman racing around in a circle. Comical really.”

“What a silly place to put a tourist attraction!! After nearly killing myself trying to cross the roundabout I made it to the arch de triomphe and wished I hadn’t bothered! Massive q to get up and they made me go up the stairs (despite being overweight) behind a gentleman with terrible gas. Never again!”


Centre Pompidou

“Gross! And I do mean gross! The museum is filled with homeless people and strange other people seeking refuge from the elements. You do need a ticket to get into certain areas; however, to access many areas of the building you do not, and hence the refugees. Aside from that the only thing worthy of your time is the fantastic view of the city skyline, especially the rooftop of Notre Dame, unless you want to see some backyard patio lights strung to a board with the recorded sound of crickets playing, or some globes with large globs of paper mache stuck to them with horrific images of current world events. If you have a museum pass and you are in the neighborhood just go for the view.”

“This was my first (and last) visit to the much hyped Pompidou Centre which doesn’t say a lot for its late President namesake.
The building was controversial when it opened in 1977, Rogers, Piano et al put the utilities on the outside to maximise interior space, hence it looks like an oil refinery. Once inside there’s more space than the operators clearly knew what to do with! Once through the automated pay desks and 14 Euros later, the signage to the exhibitions is almost non-existent. You have to climb a long string of outside escalators up 6 levels through glass tubes which in July are uncomfortably humid. There’s contemporary art and there’s contemporary art and much of what’s here reminds me of Hans Christian Anderson’s, “The Kings New Clothes!” Again you start at the top floor and work down providing you can find any signs. Having just returned from Marseille I was interested in the special feature on Le Corbusier, but everything was entirely in French. If anyone thinks this is worthy art, then they should be sent to Rome, Florence & Venice for a year’s serious reality check.”



“The best way to see the Louvre is to go on to google and down load the site because there are so many people in 2hour queue’s and in temperatures of 30plus degrees it is a waste of time even trying to go there. Paris is seething with people fagging there heads off , can’t wait to get away.”

“Lots of crowds no air conditioning the place is like a furnace. We only wanted to see the Mona Lisa and 30 Euro later after walking for ages we finally found it . You then to exit have to walk further in hot conditions and it is like being sheep cattle you get herded via a shopping centre underground. Very frustrating avoid it there are more pleasant things to do.”