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German artist makes monster murals in abandoned buildings

By on 22nd October 2016

Monzter is the name of the project and it features drawings of monsters in abandoned buildings in Berlin. The coolest part however is, that the drawings are part of a picture book for kids that can be read on the iPad.

The book is the brainchild of Berliner artist Kim Kwacz who’s also known as Kim Köster. He is renowned for art projects that transcend the boundaries of reality and fiction. His latest creation is his first one for kids and tries to answer some of the ‘Monster-questions’, like: ‘How high is the sky?’, ‘why do I need to sleep?’and ‘do good robbers exist?’.

“The focus is hereby set on the players. In their interaction, the world will be brought to life. The players will intuitively draw their way from question to question, from picture to picture. Their fantasy is the motor, their curiosity the key to the answer”, explains Kim in a press release.

It’s a unique journey into a fantasy world, that makes the grey everyday life disappear and it invites its users to reflect, to laugh, to wonder and to philosophize with children.

The audio-visual experience is completed by the drawings together with original sound compositions. It is available in four languages: English, French, German, Spanish.

More info: Website

monzter_artwork_00Photo: Press Kit artistmonzter_artwork_01Photo: Press Kit artist
monzter_artwork_05Photo: Press Kit artist
monzter_artwork_06Photo: Press Kit artist