German supermarket takes fresh food to the next level

By on 6th August 2016


The demand for fresh, ecologically grown food is rising and METRO Cash & Carry supermarket in Germany took fresh to a whole another level. At their store you can hand-pick various vegetables and herbs by hand in their in-store-greenhouse.

A pilot project started in February in their wholesale store located in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain. The project is made possible by Berlin-based start-up company Infarm, who made an in-store high-tech kitchen garden filled with vertically growing herbs and vegetables.

The technique they used is called hydroponics which allows veggies and herbs like basil grow on a thin, nutrient-rich layer of water in a space-saving, vertically growing facility. Without the use of pesticides it gives customers the freshest possible products while it also evades any carbon footprints, since there has been no use of transportation to bring the products in.

“The InStore Farming concept shows how we are using innovations to shape tomorrow’s retail and wholesale. We are increasing the benefit for our customers and at the same time conserving resources,” Axel Hluchy, Managing Director of METRO Cash & Carry Germany, explains on their website. It’s not clear when or if this project is expanding to other METRO affiliations any time soon though.