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Yes, we’re hiring! Well sort off, because we’re all doing this on a voluntary basis. So what are we looking for?

Are you a journalism student, (starting) journalist, blogger or just an European culture enthusiast and you want to participate in this project, send us a message on or Facebook page or e-mail us at and join us.

Local spotters
We’re always on the lookout for cool topics and interesting people in Europe to write about, but we can’t oversee everything that’s going on in the streets of Europe. Besides that we can’t read the news in all those different languages. So that’s why we want to built a community of locals people who can provide insight in their respective countries and cities and the things that are going on there. So are you a local who’s interested in sharing your knowledge of cool topics, projects, artists, start-ups etc. with us you can also reach us in our Facebook page or on

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