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Live ‘off the grid’ for a year with your own Ecocapsule

By on 31st October 2016


A cabin in the woods, a warm mountain shelter, a small beach house or a place to dump your teenage kid. The mobile homes of Slovakian company Ecocapsule can be anything you want.

Essentially the Ecocapsule is an eco-friendly mobile house, which you can drive anywhere you want, without having to get a building-permit. Depending on the geographical conditions you’re in, you can live in this drivable caravan for up to a year with two persons, without the use of traditional power and water sources.

The Ecocapsule is self-sustaining and features solar panels, a retractable wind-turbine, and a design that captures rain water. Another way to get yourself some water is to tap it from external sources like streams or lakes.

But what if you don’t have sun to power your capsule? Well, these Slovakians thought about everything. A fully charged battery will last for at least four days, enough to drive far enough south, from most countries in Europe, to catch some sunlight.

Inside the mini-house there’s a kitchenette with running water, a flushing toilet and hot shower. A mini-fridge and mini washing machine are optional. Although tiny, the Ecocapsule is designed to meet all the necessary safety regulations and/or certifications in the specified countries of sale.

You can pre-order the Ecocapsule now for € 79.900 or you can wait a year to get a better price. A promise the Slovakian company made, because of ‘changing’ technology prices. And if you don’t have the dough for a mobile home, you can always still fantasize about what you would do with it if you had.

More information and specifications: Website

eco-cap-insideAll photo’s by Ecocapsule