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Madrid architecture firm lets their employees work in the woods

By on 24th October 2016

Everybody knows that being locked up in an office 40 hours a week isn’t the most healthy thing in the world. But what if you moved the office to the woods? Well, Spanish architecture firm Selgascano did it and if you let architects design their own office, you know it’s going to look great.

The result is an aerodynamic tube in a forest outside of Madrid, that’s half hidden underground. It’s designed like that to keep it cool during the hot Spanish summers.

The length of the building is divided in two parts. One side is a long glass window, that curves up to the ceiling of the office and provides enough natural light to eliminate the need for those hideous TL-lights. The windows can also be opened to bring in some fresh air.

An insulated fiberglass wall makes up the other long side of this this architectural feat and helps shade the office’s workers from direct sunlight.

Thanks to the office’ sunken floor, employees are working on eye-level with the forest ground, which makes the natural feeling of the office complete.

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selgas-cano-office-madrid-3Photo: Selgascano
selgas-cano-office-madrid-10Photo: Selgascano
selgas-cano-office-madrid-7Photo: Selgascano