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He’s only fifteen and turns pencil tips into amazing sculptures

By on 7th November 2016


Most kids don’t know what they want to be when they grow up, at age fifteen, but Serbian teenager Filip Stevic (15) does: He wants to be a graphite sculpturer. The young man is very talented and makes astonishing work, especially for his age. His talent hasn’t gone unnoticed, as he’s already had his first exposition and he even garnered the support of fellow pencil tip sculpturer Jasenko Djordjevic, who we interviewed last month. With the full support of his loving family, the humble, but determined young artist is trying to make a name for himself. This is his story.

Life in Serbia
“I live in Smederevo in Serbia. It’s not a big city, but it has heavy industry and the biggest medieval lowland type fortress of my country. The people there are friendly, hospitable and kindhearted, although there are many settlers. My parents are good, hard working people; they are good to me as they are to others. This year I started high school. It is a veterinary school, not far from my house, although I am still not sure if this is what I will be doing in the future. I have an older brother who is going to become a priest. He is my biggest supporter, together with my parents. I am happy with the life I have had so far and I am glad that I found myself in something beautiful and artistic.”– Continued  below


Starting with art
“My interest in this kind of art came one day when I started thinking about what I would like to be when I grow up. Accidentally I came across a video on YouTube of a guy named Dalton, someone who has been making sculptures from graphite for a long time and he is quite a professional. One day I went to the country side to visit my grandparents and when I was going through some old stuff in the basement, I found an old carpenter’s pencil. My granddad had brought it from Russia a lifetime ago and I took it home with me. I tried to carve some letters in its graphite with a knife, but with no success, and soon I had wasted all the graphite from it. The next day I bought a new pencil and started carving again and finally I made my first work of art: The cello, after going to music school with my brother. When I saw people’s positive reaction to my work I decided to continue making sculptures, although in reality I didn’t have much knowledge about it.”


“I chose this type of art, because it requires a lot of patience and everything is so tiny. I get inspired by everything that surrounds me, but whether I will be able to finish the sculpture or not really depends on the mood I am in. For example, I made the ‘Fist of Revolt’, because I was surrounded by all the violence and injustice in the world so the fist, as a symbol, came as my response and fight against violence. This is how I get the inspiration for my work.” – Continued  below


Combining school and art

“The school I attend is a veterinary school, and was named after one of the most influential rulers of medieval Serbia: Despot Djuradj Brankovic. He was the one that actually built the fortress I mentioned earlier. I just started high school and I still have a lot of time until faculty. With my hopes to become a great artist, I suppose I am a bit different than other teenagers my age, but that is fine. I still manage to get along with everyone. A lot of my schoolmates are not familiar with my work yet, and those who did have the opportunity to see it have been astonished and delighted and they all gave me their support. My professors are calling me an artist already.”

First exhibition
“I have only had one exhibition so far. It was a group display in a small studio in Smederevo. Other people displayed their drawings, wood art and other types of art there alongside my sculptures.”

My dream
“I have a dream of becoming a decent man, with strong character and to be called a great artist one day so that my parents can be proud of me.”

Want to see more? Check his website!

14591700_1093497337431725_4783267994126039305_nAll photo’s with courtesy of Filip Stevic