Read from the bottle while drinking wine with Librottiglia

By on 5th December 2016

Reading a good book and opening a nice bottle of wine is a good option when you have the evening to yourself. Especially with these bottles from Italian winery Matteo Correggia. Together with design agency Reverse Innovation they designed three new wines and each bottle has a little booklet attached to it with a short story that perfectly fits the taste of the vino inside.

The new line of wine is called Librottiglia (a smart combination of the Italian words for ‘book’ and ‘bottle’) and comes in three different types of wine, all with a story written by a different writer.  Singer and writer Patrizia Laquidara is the author of La Rana nella Pancia (The Frog in the Belly), ‘an intriguing fable which complements the uncommon personality of the red Anthos; a dry Brachetto with a surprising sweet bouquet’, according to the Reverse Innovation website.

The second one is titled Ti amo. Dimenticami (I love you. Forget me) by Regina Nadaes Marques, writer and cultural producer. It’s the story of a ‘life changing love, as intense as the ruby red Nebbiolo Roero it accompanies’. L’omicidio (Murder) is written by the journalist and satirist Danilo Zanelli. ‘Humour tinged mystery that blends with the fresh and light spirit of the white Roero Arneis’, is the description.

The goal of this cooperation is to remind people to unplug themselves from the digital world and to take the time to recharge our own batteries and indulge the senses. “Today we read books on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Why not on a bottle wine?” is the questions proposed by Reverse Innovation. A fair question.

The booklets are only in Italian for now. Let’s hope they’ll translate them to English soon.

More info: Website

trio_04Photo: Matteo Correggia – Librottiglia