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Danish artist hides six wooden giants in Copenhagen

By on 11th May 2017

Denmark is the country of Hans Christian Andersen and his fairy tales. It’s too bad Danish wood artist Thomas Dambo wasn’t alive back then to bring Andersen’s creatures alive…

Interviews Lifestyle

How a shy French boy became an international Flamenco artist

By on 22nd April 2017

‘No entiendo Ingles’ was the response from the Spanish Flamenco artists we asked for this interview. There was one guy however who responded positively: Manolo Punto. Though his name…

Art & Design

The colorful crossovers of Madrid

By on 28th November 2016

Besides Utrecht’s rainbow pedestrian crossover, most of them are very boring and, well, pedestrian. That was until these pictures of colorful crossings made by Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov…

Art & Design Lifestyle

Meet the terminator tattoo-artist

By on 13th August 2016

Against all odds Lyon-based tattoo-artist  JC Sheitan Tenet is now able to use his amputated lower right arm to make tattoos. Thanks to colleague tattoo-artist Gonzal he received a…

Art & Design

Danish artist makes 3500 birdhouses to keep birds in cities

By on 23rd July 2016

What to do as a former Graffiti artist, who wants to use his talents for the greater good of the planet? Danish artist Thomas Dambo came up with an…