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‘I even saw a girl giving a blowjob inside the club once’

By on 28th March 2017

A historic city center, the oldest still working astronomical clock in the world, cheap booze and countless bars and clubs; Prague has it all. And while a trip to…

Gastronomy Travel

A typical sweet moment in Vienna

By on 26th January 2017

This dessert is so delicious it has its own national holiday and is absolutely the best culinary experience to fully appreciate your days in Vienna or in the rest…


Paris part I: Busy bus drivers, a nightly view and cause for alarm at the Louvre

By on 26th October 2016

My girlfriend and I wanted to do something for our one-year anniversary and she found a good deal for a 5-day trip to Paris, so we said: let’s go…

Working & Living

See Vienna through the eyes of the homeless

By on 1st August 2016

Homeless people in Vienna can now become city tour guides. In a 2,5 hour walk they’ll show you the Austrian capital through their eyes and take you to three…