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Danish artist hides six wooden giants in Copenhagen

By on 11th May 2017

Denmark is the country of Hans Christian Andersen and his fairy tales. It’s too bad Danish wood artist Thomas Dambo wasn’t alive back then to bring Andersen’s creatures alive…

Gastronomy Lifestyle

Danish chef creates ‘Airbnb of dining’

By on 1st April 2017

What better way to taste the local cuisine than though a home cooked meal by an actual local, right? Exactly. That’s what Danish chef and entrepreneur Frank Lantz thought…


Danish supermarket sells expired food to combat waste

By on 14th December 2016

Denmark lowered its food waste by a staggering 25% in the last five years and now has another weapon in its fight against our out of control over-indulgence. Copenhagen-based…

Art & Design

They see Trump rolling, they hating

By on 5th November 2016

As we are nearing the US elections and the world realizes that Trump for president is a realistic possibility, a lot of people are trembling at the thought. Especially…