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‘There were only twenty centimeters between the train and me’

By on 13th April 2017

At a point in time Southern French city Montpellier was one of the graffiti capitals of Europe, but then the city tried to bring a halt to it and…

Art & Design

This French artist is making graffiti readable

By on 5th September 2016

Don’t you just wish you could read every graffiti tag on street? Well, probably not, but French artist Mathieu Tremblin is making tags on the street readible for people…

Art & Design

Graffiti paradise Utrecht: Demolition has begun

By on 26th April 2016

Earlier we wrote about the houses in Ondiep, Utrecht that were turned into a graffiti paradise. Well the demolition of those houses has finally begun. Because some of the…

Art & Design

Houses on demolition death row turned into graffiti paradise

By on 13th April 2016

I was totally shocked when I walked in my own neighborhood ‘Ondiep’ in the Dutch city of Utrecht. I knew a couple of streets were prepared to be taken…