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Funny one-star reviews of famous landmarks: Rome

By on 18th February 2017

Rome is basically a big open air museum. Everywhere you look there’s history to be seen, but unfortunately not everyone can appreciate it. Just like in our previous editions…

Architecture Travel

Funny one-star reviews of famous European landmarks

By on 8th October 2016

Our beautiful little continent houses some of the most amazing landmarks in the world, but not everyone can appreciate the majesty of the Roman Colosseum or the mindblowing architecture…


The destroyed beauty of Palmyra rebuilt in 3D

By on 26th September 2016

ISIS not only made headlines decapitating journalists in recent years, but the destroying of monuments also was big news. Thanks to three local organizations and the help of UNESCO,…


Colosseum opens gladiator entrance

By on 15th July 2016

Always wanted to feel like Spartacus? Well, entering the Colosseum floor through the new, temporary, entrance might be as close as it gets. From July 15th till October 31st…