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How a shy French boy became an international Flamenco artist

By on 22nd April 2017

‘No entiendo Ingles’ was the response from the Spanish Flamenco artists we asked for this interview. There was one guy however who responded positively: Manolo Punto. Though his name…


One Brits rather unusual reaction to the Brexit vote

By on 11th January 2017

It was 5 am on Thursday, June 24th, 2016. I had been awake for several hours already. I sat blankly staring at the TV, speechless. Surely this couldn’t be…

Art & Design

The colorful crossovers of Madrid

By on 28th November 2016

Besides Utrecht’s rainbow pedestrian crossover, most of them are very boring and, well, pedestrian. That was until these pictures of colorful crossings made by Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov…

Architecture Working & Living

Madrid architecture firm lets their employees work in the woods

By on 24th October 2016

Everybody knows that being locked up in an office 40 hours a week isn’t the most healthy thing in the world. But what if you moved the office to…

Architecture Travel

Funny one-star reviews of famous European landmarks

By on 8th October 2016

Our beautiful little continent houses some of the most amazing landmarks in the world, but not everyone can appreciate the majesty of the Roman Colosseum or the mindblowing architecture…