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Manchester announces plan for first LGBT retirement home

By on 23rd February 2017

More good stuff from Manchester. Its city council has revealed a plan to build the UK’s first retirement community aimed at the aging LGBT population of the city.


Working & Living

How Manchester is becoming the City of Trees

By on 11th February 2017

Planting one tree for every man, woman and child that lives in Manchester’s City Region within one generation. That’s the objective of Manchester’s project City of Trees. So far…

Art & Design

This artist fights tooth and nail to make his art

By on 19th September 2016

All photos with courtesy of Marcus Levine
It takes British artist Marcus Levine weeks and sometimes even months to finish one piece of art and he sometimes uses up…

Art & Design


By on 9th July 2016

The use of 3d-printers has taken flight in the past couple years, but probably no one had the ludicrous idea to print a life-size car, till now. London based…