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They see Trump rolling, they hating

By on 5th November 2016


As we are nearing the US elections and the world realizes that Trump for president is a realistic possibility, a lot of people are trembling at the thought. Especially in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, where an ingenious bus add makes fun of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

This eye-catcher of an ad was ordered by the Danish Socialist People’s Party (SF) and the purpose of the advert is to encourage Americans abroad to vote. But not for Trump, obviously.  Danish news page DR Nyheder recently uploaded a video of a driving bus with the add and captioned it with: “We would like to say to the American citizens: don’t forget to vote – it has consequences.”

“Mr. Trump’s political views are very far from ours, and I find it rather scary to think of him sitting in the Oval Office. I hope that we can influence some of the Americans living in Denmark and make them vote,” SF leader Pia Olsen Dyhr said in a statement to CNN.

The ad was developed by the ad company Uncle Grey who are also not a fan of Trump idea’s. “We work with cultural changes in the world, and with the entire world looking at the US election we were very happy to work on this project,” the ad’s strategic director, Carsten Bulow, told CNN. “If you want people to react you have to be provocative. You can’t be afraid to take a stand,” Bulow added.

The CNN also stated that 8.714 American citizens are able to vote in Denmark alone.